Repair/Replace Procedures


If a device becomes damaged, the parent or student will bring the device to the Tech Center and check it in at the kiosk. A loaner device will be checked out to the student until the student device is repaired by the technology services department or Dell authorized service department. All repairs must be made by a CUSD technician or authorized vendor.


If the device is lost, a fee will be assessed. If the device is stolen while at school, the incident must be reported by the student to the Tech Center within 24 hours.


If the device is stolen outside of school, the parent/guardian must file a police report within 48 hours. A copy of the report must be turned in to the schools front office.


Parents and students who choose NOT to purchase the Device Protection Plan are responsible for all repairs or replacement costs unless it is due to a manufacturer issue.

The following prices are estimates, as exact costs for each repair will be made upon further inspection of the damaged device. Should the student’s device become damaged, the student will be provided a loaner device, while their assigned device is being repaired. Once the assigned device is repaired, the loaner device must be returned and the student device will be returned to the student.

Estimated Prices